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  • Increase the number of health facilities to ensure that every citizen can access health facility within 3 mile radius
  • Ensure that every facility has the minimum number of technical staff as required by the Ministry of Health
  • Review and upgrade the training curriculum in existing health institutions for all levels of training to provide care services for existing ailments
  • Develop the infrastructure and provide trained tutors to the health training institutions
  • Introduce a National Ambulance Service through public-private partnerships
  • Establish blood transfusion units in all district hospitals and ensure regular and adequate supply of blood in health facilities, particularly during birth.
  • Review policies and strengthen systems and scale up interventions to address maternal and child malnutrition.
  • Introduce a National Tele-medicine Programme to deliver health education and care services to all.
  • Improve on the procurement, storage and distribution of drugs and supplies to ensure drug availability in health facilities at all times.
  • Launch a flagship programme for sexual and reproductive health for adolescents to reduce teenage pregnancy and the alarming maternal mortality
  • Introduce public-private partnership in health facility management and health care service delivery in public hospitals and Peripheral Health Units
  • Establish modern Infectious and Tropical Disease Control Centres in Freetown and in the regional capitals.
  • Develop Mental Health Treatment and Care Facilities in Freetown and build new facilities in the provinces
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